Maurizio Amato

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Maurizio Amato
Industrial Design Engineer

Mr. Maurizio Amato is an award-winning Italian design engineer with years’ of experience designing exquisite pieces of furniture and custom-made products. He combines his knowledge of art, business, ergonomics and engineering to design stunning, luxurious and user-friendly products.

Mr. Amato has won awards for his innovative designs, while collaborating with international companies for projects and competitions across the globe. Mr. Amato’s education in aerospace engineering from the University of Pisa provides him with a truly unique approach to product design.

His curiosity and passion for learning helps Mr. Amato create state-of-the-art product designs for Aquatica by:

  • Conducting research and brainstorming ideas
  • Finding ways to improve performance and functionality
  • Offering creative solutions to complex design challenges
  • Drawing final concepts in 3D using CAD & CAM design software
  • Working closely with clients to design world-class bespoke products