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How to Select a Deep Bathtub for the Ultimate Soaking Experience 

Aquatica makes a whole range of decadently deep bathtubs with beautiful modern and contemporary designs to suit a variety of bathroom design requirements. We are the market leader of deep, immersive baths, and several of our bathtub models feature class-leading water depth to the overflow of 19.75 inches and unparalleled comfort level for two bathers.

What is a soaking tub, and why is the water depth a critical consideration?

Deeper than the average bathtub, a soaking tub is what its name implies: a deep bathtub that is designed to offer the ultimate in relaxation by allowing you to submerge your body entirely.

Well-designed and engineered soaking bathtubs are typically 18 inches or deeper and should be contoured for ergonomic and comfortable bathing experience with full-body immersion. soaking tubs are designed to offer the ultimate in relaxation by allowing you to submerge fully

What should I consider when buying a soaking tub?

  • First, consider the NET bathing depth, which is the distance from the inner bath bottom to the overflow opening. Soaking bathtubs are designed for long, comfortable soaks, so they must be deeper and more comfortable.
  • Investigate the company that imported, designed, and manufactured the bathtub and the criteria used to develop the bathtub. Most Asian importers are just "me-too" sellers of shoddy products of unclear origin and often made of toxic, uncured chemicals. There is no design and no engineering thought in these products. On the other hand, most European manufacturers have shallow, impractical designs that are not suitable for the North American market. Most Italian bathtub brands are not the actual manufacturers and know very little about what they sell.
  • Look for sophisticated 3D testing tools like Aquatica Bath Seating App that allows you to create an avatar with characteristics matching your body and test-ride the product.
  • Always make sure your doors, stairs, passages are wide enough to bring the bathtub to its intended location inside the house.
  • Ensure you have enough structural floor support for your big new and very deep bathtub. As a rule of thumb, the floor support under the bath must provide for a minimum of 1400 lbs. (635 kg).
  • Ensure an adequate hot water supply. As a rule of thumb, the hot water tank should be 70% of bathtub capacity or higher.

How deep typical soaking bathtubs tend to be?

Most Asian imported bathtubs tend to be approximately 13-15" bottom to overflow; soaking tubs should offer at least 17-18" or more to allow you to submerge your body entirely.
You might consider a shallower tub or a bathtub with a safety step or a bathtub with a door to allow for more comfortable, safer entry.

Types of deep bathtubs

  • Japanese style (aka Ofuro ), small but very deep bathtubs with a built-in seat. The concept of deep and hot soaking bath originates in Japan. Aquatica solid surface True Ofuro series bathtubs feature depth to the overflow of 26" for the single bather model and 27.75" for the two bather True Ofuro Duo model . These exceptionally designed deep bathtubs, provide you with the ultimate hot soaking and relaxation experience.
  • Heated deep bathtubs with a hot tub style water temperature control system and temperature adjustment function are essentially bathtub appliances that combine the best in hot tub electronics and packages it all inside a compact yet very small bathtub body. In addition to water heating, circulation, and ozone purification, this advanced product line features a chromotherapy system and Bluetooth music system for your ultimate enjoyment.
  • Art Nouveau aesthetics inspired deep soaking bathtubs. Aquaticas' Lillian and Lillian Mini models effortlessly blend the decadence of a deep, vintage soaking tub with sleek, modern polish with its unmatched 19.75 inches soaking depth.
  • Ultra-compact baths with sculpted back-support. At only 57", our Sophia bath is 20" deep to overflow and features an integrated back-rest.

How long should be my deep bathtub?

Aquatica's deep bathtubs are available in a variety of sizes. While 60" is considered the "standard" tub size, we offer deep, well designed, and engineered functional bathtubs that are as short as 43" and will fit almost any space where no other tub can go.  

We have a variety of attractive models that are 51, 55, 57, 60, 61, 63, 72, and 74 inches long. If a large 72" bathtub fits your space, buy it.

Bathtub width is also important, and we have models with 27, 32, 33, 35, 36, 38, 40, and 43" widths available.

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