Where We Ship

We ship around the globe to practically every single country and territory. So, wherever you are, you can get the best advice on the greatest bathtub or spa customized to your local plumbing and electrical standards! Please check below to acquaint yourself with any exceptions and conditions that may apply to your location.

Our Customer Service Contacts

 Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama  +52 (614) 349 8264  info@aquaticabath.com
 Baltics, Scandinavia  +371 299 09411  info@aquaticabath.com
 U.K., EU, Ireland  +44 800 046 5844  info@aquaticabath.com
 Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain  +39 800 142820  info@aquaticabath.com
 Russia  8 (800) 500-87-01
 +7 (495) 120-31-65
 Canada  +1 866 606 2782 x1  info@aquaticabath.com
 All Others  +1 403 918 2173
 +1 866 606 2782 x1


Since the vast majority of our products is very large and heavy and fall under the oversized category, most international orders will ship via LCL (Less than Container Load), FCL (Full Container Load) or LTL truck. Shipping fees will be calculated manually and individually on a combined basis of weight, value (for insurance purposes), and destination. 

In countries where we have a direct presence (all European Union member countries, the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Mexico) we offer a Door-to-Door service. 

To most other countries we will use International freight forwarder via Door-to-Airport or Door-to-Port Service. In these cases, the carrier will call you to inform you of your delivery method.

Fees & Shipping Cost

If you are outside European Union member countries, the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Mexico, your country's import duties, taxes and fees are never included in the item and shipping totals. For these fees, please refer to our Duties & Taxes section. Original outbound shipping costs are nonrefundable.

Electrical & Plumbing Standard Compliance

Before completing any purchase, please check all product Specifications ("SPECS" tab) and speak to our knowledgeable sales representatives to make sure you're choosing compatible therapy systems that will work in your country. We have a very knowledgeable engineering team and access to electrical and plumbing components for all markets and standards. In addition, please confirm that your country's import rules and regulations will allow you to import the item you're purchasing. In some rare cases, certain countries might demand proof of local certification, which we might not have. 

Refused or Returned Deliveries

If an order is refused or returned to us due to inaccurate or incorrect address information or because it was declined or undeliverable, Aquatica and its foreign subsidiaries reserve the right to retain the original shipping/handling fee and to charge the payment method originally used for costs we incur related to the return of the undeliverable packages or merchandise to us.

Certified Origin Documents

Certain countries might require your order's documents to be certified by the chamber of commerce. In the event that you require certified documents there will be a $75 USD fee per document requiring a signature along with a shipping charge to send you the documents.

Duties, Taxes, Customs & Other Fees

If you place your order from outside European Union member countries, the UK, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, USA or Mexico, your orders will most likely be subject to additional local import duties and taxes (VAT). 

Aquatica offers the convenience of handling these fees on your behalf for specific countries like Australia and New Zealand. Please contact our knowledgeable inside sales team to clarify the duties and taxes that might be applicable to your country. If we don’t have information on import regulations for your specific country, you will need to check with that country as to their regulations regarding duties and taxes. For specific information, please consult with your local government import office.

Payment and Currency

All orders are charged when you click "Place Order”. 

  • All US orders placed via our US website www.aquaticausa.com are sold in US dollars (USD).
  • All continental European orders as well as Norwegian and Swiss orders, placed via our European website www.aquaticabath.eu are sold in Euros (EUR).
  • All UK orders placed via our UK website www.aquaticabath.co.uk are sold in UK Pounds Sterling (£). 
  • All Canadian orders placed via our Canadian website www.aquaticabath.ca are sold in Canadian dollars (CDN). 
  • All Mexican orders placed via our Mexican website www.aquaticabano.com.mx are sold in Mexican pesos (MXN). 
  • All other orders intended for deliveries outside of the mentioned above countries and territories will be charged in EUR or in EUR converted to USD at the current exchange rate. Shipping costs and arrangements must be made manually via our inside sales team.

Payment method

Payments for all orders intended for delivery outside the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, EU member states, Norway, Switzerland must be remitted via bank transfer to our bank account that will appear on our issued invoice. All bank transfer costs must be covered by the buyer. 

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