Michael Guppy

aboutUs manufacturing manager
Michael Guppy
Factory Manager
+1 866 606 2782

Mr. Guppy joined Aquatica in 2021 to manage the smooth and efficient operations of the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Jelgava, Latvia.

He started his professional journey in 1999, as a Customer Account Manager for a UK-based Composites Aerospace and Aviation company. Since then, he has held positions in quality control and management.

Mr. Guppy moved to Latvia in 2010 to set up & lead a local company as the Operations Director. Mr. Guppy was very excited to have the opportunity to join Aquatica, and lead a team of highly skilled craftsmen and specialists working in the diverse field of composite materials.

He has years of experience leading teams and managing manufacturing operations, ensuring consumers from all over the world receive premium products of exceptional quality.

On a daily basis Mr. Guppy is responsible for:

  • Overseeing strict quality control procedures
  • Paying meticulous detail to customer’s needs
  • Developing and managing production schedules
  • Managing internal volume cost and quality targets
  • Maintaining professional and safe working standards