Shower Arms

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Shower Arms

Shower Arms

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One of the key components in your new bathroom design is the shower head you choose to capture your desired bathroom mood and style. Once selected, you will also then need a shower head arm.

Aquatica has more than twenty shower arms in a range of styles, sizes, and colors to match.

Depending on the configuration of your shower, choose from small or large wall-mounted shower arms, from 12.25” to 19.75” in length. Or for top mounted shower heads, one of our small to large ceiling mounted shower arms - from 6” to 13.75” long.  

Other options include Aquatica’s shower head extension arms which allow you to raise the height of your shower head where the existing wall outlet is lower than desired. Or, if the water outlet is higher than 86.6”, use one of our high wall-mounted shower arms which offers length from the wall with minimal height.

The style is also reflected in your choice of color and design. Our shower arms come in polished chrome, stunning matte black or pristine matte white; round or square pipes, with matching round or square feature cover plates; 90o shower arms or soft curves for edgy design or softer mood.

As with all Aquatica products, our full range of shower head arms is manufactured using the most modern technologies and high quality, eco-friendly materials.

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