Wall-mounted sinks

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Wall-mounted Wash Basins

Wall-mounted Wash Basins

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Fashionable and Functionable Wall-Hung Washbasins

Wall-hung washbasins are a popular choice among high-end minimalists searching for a functionable and fashionable style. Also known as a wall-mounted or suspended washbasin, they are mounted onto the wall. Designers appreciate these types of sinks for their concise, space-saving qualities. Our eye-catching wall-hung washbasins are simply elegant, easy to clean, durable, and customizable. Aquatica’s highly skilled craftsman can even drill a tap hole depending on the client's wishes. As part of our continued commitment to meet the needs of our customers and improve services, we are planning to launch a customizable solution to adjust the length of integrated sinks. We also offer interior and home designers the opportunity to buy Millennium Wash Basins with a Millennium Stone & Oak Wood Bathroom Vanity. 

Our Proprietary Stone Composite Materials

Through extensive research and development, our team of global experts developed two groundbreaking proprietary materials to fulfill the dreams of all interior designers. AquateX ™ and NeroX ™ are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and 100% recyclable stone composite materials, combining a silky smooth exterior with a tough durable interior. This material makes our wall hung washbasins look and feel like real stone, but they are much lighter and cost less than traditional stone. 

AquateX™ For A Classic Customizable Look

We offer wall-hung washbasins in white and many other colors made of our award-winning new generation material AquateX™. Our specialists can help you customize your washbasin, ensuring you find the best colors to complement your wall. Consumers purchasing a wall hung washbasin made of  AquateX™ have the choice to buy additional protective features. Some of our wall-mounted basins include the BioEco option for environmentally conscious consumers and the BioSan™ protection. 

Optional BioSan™ Protection Against Viruses & Bacteria

BioSan ™ gives extra protection to your wall mounted wash basin as it is specifically designed to eliminate mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The antimicrobial additive negatively affects bacteria that contaminate the surface. BioSan™ provides peace of mind to homeowners, offices, hospitals, clinics, and other institutions.

A Unique Design With Our Painted Metallic Surface Coating

Our MetalX ™ Surfaces offers designers and homeowners the opportunity to create various aesthetically stunning styles, including a rich royal ambiance or a futuristic feel. MetalX™ Surfaces consist of 95% recycled metal powder and 5% proprietary resin binder. MetalX™ Surfaces are created by combining various recycled metal powders to achieve a truly beautiful gold, gunmetal, or titanium appearance.

NeroX™ Black Washbasins For Unprecedented Style

Our black wall-hung washbasins are aesthetically individualistic, making them the perfect buy for lovers of unprecedented style. NeroX™ (formerly AquateX™ Black) is a blend of Hematite and Boehmite minerals with cutting edge acrylic modified resins and a high-purity carbon black pigment. All Aquatica® NeroX wall-mounted washbasins include the NanoGuard™ antigraffiti and antimicrobial protection. 

NanoGuard™ Protects Against Scratches and Chemicals

NanoGuard ™ is a nanotechnology-based sacrificial layer of protection. It makes the surface water-repellent, resistant to UV, minor scratches, and harsh chemicals. This protection is a smart choice for interior designers who are ordering washbasins, baths, or lavatories for commercial facilities.

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