Aquatica DurateX White Material Sample

Why DurateX™?

DurateX™ is a light-weight state of the art glass-carbon composite suitable for both indoor-outdoor bathtub and spa manufacturing.

Duratex bath

DurateX™ features the same bright and ceramic like composite surface as its predecessor, EcoMarmor™, however; unlike its predecessor, DurateX™ features excellent UV, blush, chemical & blister resistance (bromine and chlorine water) and is capable of withstanding air and water temperature variations. All of those traits make it suitable for outdoor spa and hybrid bath-spa manufacturing with the added benefit of a very strong design element, very large sizes and relatively light weight.

This technology has been borrowed from the yacht building industry and allows Aquatica® to realize architecturally, the most daring ideas and challenging shapes.

  • Environmental Friendliness

    Environmental Friendliness

    The DurateX™ line of bathtubs is manufactured in Europe using low emission US and German made composite materials. The materials are compliant with all applicable US EPA and European regulations.

  • Durability


    DurateX™ products withstand heavy weight, do not deform and are resistant to mechanical stress. The products’ high density, smoothness and lack of porousness ensure that the bathtubs will not crack or deform for at least 10 years, despite intensive use.

  • Hygiene


    Unlike most other resin bathtubs which require constant cleaning, DurateX™ bathtubs remain in perfectly clean condition thanks to the unique high-gloss coating technology, which prevents the onset of germs. DurateX™ products meet all sanitary and hygienic standards.

  • Longevity


    Being extremely chemo-resistant and UV radiation-resistant, DurateX™ products do not change color and retain their natural surface shine. The use of DurateX™ technology, in combination with state-of-the-art marine grade gelcoats, allows us to guarantee against micro-cracking or other surface defects for 10 years of very intensive use.

  • Thermal Resistance

    Thermal Resistance

    Easily outclassing products made from other materials, DurateX™ bathtubs have the highest thermal insulation indicators. That means that the bathtubs cool down much slower, retain heat better and allow for a more pleasant sensory experience. DurateX™ products also do not require any additional heat-insulating treatment.

  • Ergonomics


    All products made with the DurateX™ technology are carefully designed with supreme bathing comfort in mind.

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