Why AquateX™ BioEco?

21st century composite material for creating beautiful, functional and healthy bathroom products.

BioEco Product
BioEco mineral

AquateX™ BioEco is an eco-sustainable solid surface composed of 55% natural inert minerals of high purity and 45% bio-resin - a viscous substance of plant origin.

55% of AquateX™ BioEco is composed of a mineral filler composition of high-purity aluminum hydroxide derived from Gibbsite - the filler used in medicine as an antacid for humans and animals.​

The remaining 45% is the result of relentless creativity and exploration: AquateX™ BioEco takes advantage of a naturally-occurring process by which plants secrete resins for their protective benefits. Such resin is the perfect substitute for the fossil alternatives common in the bathroom industry. What´s more, all resins in AquateX™ BioEco comes from certified cultivations, which results in healthy bathroom products that look amazing while protecting the planet´s delicate ecosystems.

Moreover, products made of AquateX™ and AquateX™ BioEco weight less than their visually-similar alternatives, often reducing bathtub and basin fabrication material needs by as much as 40%. This, in turn, reduces CO2 emissions associated with raw material extraction, product manufacturing, and final shipping — all great for the planet, and also for you: A light product leads to easy handling, quick installation, and lower transportation costs.

Manufactured in Europe at our facilities, all AquateX™ and AquateX™ BioEco products are self-extinguishing and compatible with Class 1 fire resistance requirements. They are warm to the touch, non-porous, hypoallergenic, 100% restorable, and easily repairable.

Are you pursuing LEED certification?

Inquire about how AquateX™ BioEco can help you achieve Materials and Resources Credits 2, 3 and 4, as well as Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 2, under the LEED V4 rating system.

  • Eco-Friendly


    Just like AquateX™, AquateX™ BioEco is an innovatively ground-breaking and fully recyclable material. Its eco-sustainable solid surface results in healthy bathroom product that looks amazing while protecting the planet´s delicate ecosystems.

  • Premium Texture

    Premium Texture

    Silky smooth texture, which is warm and pleasurable to touch. The closest reproduction of a natural stone surface, available in an elegant matte, or a glamorous polished finish, which has been specifically adapted for bathroom ware use.

  • Durable


    If maintained properly, AquateX™ BioEco stone resin bathtubs and sinks will outlast most other materials. Any possible damage can be repaired by a specialized technician with little effort which keeps the AquateX™ BioEco bathtubs and washbasins looking new. AquateX™ BioEco is homogeneous throughout and will therefore never discolor.

  • Fire & Heat Resistant

    Fire & Heat Resistant

    AquateX™ BioEco can be used in areas with higher fire safety requirements. The surface won't lose its quality or properties, even at 100ºC. If an AquateX™ BioEco product is burnt - the material produces a liquid.

  • Safe &  Harmless

    Safe & Harmless

    AquateX™ BioEco is an inert and non-toxic material, which is safe to use in medical facilities and can come into contact with food. It does not react to any chemicals being in its vicinity. Thanks to its composition and smooth seamless structure, it has inherent antimicrobial characteristics.

  • Easily Cleanable

    Easily Cleanable

    AquateX™ BioEco can be cleaned and restored to its original state with a simple abrasive detergent and Scotch-Brite™ sponge, which can remove everything from cigarette burns, ink, hair dye, crayons, wine and coffee stains. Frequently cleaning an AquateX™ BioEco product will ensure the preservation of its original beauty. This will also prevent any wear and tear signs that might occur over the course of time.

  • UV-Resistant


    Safe to use in medical facilities and in contact with food.

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