Why Solid Wood?

Made in Europe, Aquatica’s waterproof wooden bathroom vanities and accessories are carefully crafted from Teak, American Walnut & Iroko solid wood

Renowned for its natural beauty and durability, solid wood is considered the perfect choice for luxury bathrooms. Aquatica selected solid wood as it offers an exquisite appearance, achieving a lovely patina as it ages. The rich wooden tones and smooth finish of the wood add a natural earthy touch to bathrooms. Solid wood can compliment a wide range of styles from contemporary to rustic. Aquatica offers a diverse array of carefully crafted wooden sink vanities and stylish bathroom accessories made of high-quality solid wood. Available to buy in six different species of wood, including Teak, American Walnut and Iroko, our solid wood furniture will complete your beautiful bathroom decor.

Waterproof Wooden Bathroom Vanities & Accessories

All of Aquatica’s solid wood bathroom vanities and accessories are extremely durable and 100% waterproof. A special organic iroko oil treatment provides ultimate protection from water damage. This makes sure the wood does not become brittle, bent, swollen or cracked.

What Is Solid Wood?

Solidwood material
Solid wood comes directly from trees, unlike engineered wood such as plywood, medium-density fiberboard or veneers. It is a solid piece of wood, which contains wood fibers throughout the piece of lumber, and does not need any fillers or adhesives. Engineered wood does not offer the same durability, beauty or sustainability as real solid wood.

Solid Wood Bathroom Accessories

Explore our exclusive collection of premium quality wooden bathroom accessories. Crafted by solid natural wood, Aquatica’s bathroom accessories offer a smart and stylish solution for your everyday needs. All of our wooden bathtub trays, bathroom benches, storage, bath & shower floor mats are made of the best solid wood. Available in American Walnut, Iroko and Teak, the rich tones of the natural wood will complement any bathroom design, providing a warm and unique appeal.

Solid Wood Bathroom Sink Vanity

Aquatica’s exclusive Millennium wall-mounted bathroom sink vanity collection combines the best European solid wood with proprietary stone composite materials. The golden tones and unique oak grain are cleverly juxtaposed with the texture and feel of our stone composite surfaces. The vanities can be customized to perfectly match any bathroom design. Interior and home designers can choose from four different vanity sizes, six natural wood species and four colours of in-house developed stone composite solid surface to create the best sink vanity for their bathroom decor.

Advantages of Solid Wood

  • Real wood

    100% Real Wood

    All of Aquatica’s wooden bathroom accessories are made of 100% real wood. The stylish accessories are carefully crafted in Europe, using only the best quality solid wood coming directly from trees.

  • Exclusive appeal

    An Exclusive Appeal

    Featuring a truly striking appearance, the beautiful solid wood presents a lovely patina as it ages. The rich wooden tones and smooth finish of the wood provides bathrooms with a cosy yet exclusive appeal.

  • Durable

    Durable & Waterproof

    Solid wood is 100% waterproof and exceptionally durable. A special treatment ensures the wooden accessories will remain in great condition for many years, and prevents the wood from becoming brittle, swollen, bent or cracked.

  • Versatile


    Solid wood can perfectly match a wide variety of styles from contemporary to rustic. This is a superior and safe home decor choice, as it enhances the bathroom’s decor, and will not distract from the original design.

  • Easily cleanable

    Easy Maintenance

    Aquatica’s solid wood is easy to maintain and clean. A simple wet microfiber cloth can be used to clean any spills or sticky messes. Accessories made from real solid wood are hassle-free, and will remain in outstanding condition for a long time.