Complete Your Bathing Experience with Aquatica´s Irresistible Memory Foam Accessories

Hand-made in Italy, Aquatica designs and crafts their unique accessories from a super smooth, colorful and eco-friendly material known as Memory Gel

Memory Gel Product

What Is Memory Gel?

Aquatica Vanilla Bath Headrest

Memory Gel is liquid polyurethane poured into meticulously designed molds where it solidifies. The end product is finished by hand and given different looks according to the process they undergo. Not only is our memory foam durable, resistant and elastic; it is also beautiful and non-toxic.

Ergonomy is at the core of our business. Throughout our history, we have managed to achieve it in different ways, but never in a manner as addictingly exciting as with memory gel. Fabricated entirely with liquid polyurethane, our accessories adapt to the shape of your body for unsurpassed comfort, in the case of headrests, and beautiful flexibility in the case of the rest of the collection.

Headrests made of polyurethane gel gel don't require any adhesives to stick and adhere flawlessly to any stone or acrylic bathtub. Both comfortable and soft, our headrests preserve their temperature longer than other textiles.

Pleasantly soft to the touch, polyurethane gel accessories return to their original shape after being touched. Further, its elastic properties allow it to adhere to various surfaces without having to drill them.

Polyurethane gel used for Aquatica accessories has an opaque appearance and comes in different colors that match the pleasant softness of the material.

  • Premium Texture

    Warm & Soft

    Technically unbreakable and physically addictive, memory gel accessories will deform under pressure before returning to their original shape when pressure is released. Thanks to their soft nature, they are also excellent at protecting fragile materials such as glass and mirrors.

  • Durability


    Polyurethane gel is homogeneous throughout and will therefore never discolor.

  • No Drilling

    Natural Adhesive

    Polyurethane gel products naturally adhere to bathtubs and bathroom walls for extreme convenience and comfort.

    • Adhesion is excellent on glass, pottery, plexiglass and plaster. Be cautious when re-positioning the product on plaster as the plaster could be spoiled.
    • Adhesion is reduced on mosaic, tiles with joints and other uneven surfaces.
    • Adhesion is minimum on rough stone.
  • Extra Adhesiveness

    Extra Adhesiveness

    A special glue provided by Aquatica offers the possibility to increase load capacity without drilling surfaces. Carefully follow instructions provided with the glue.

  • Environmental Friendliness


    Memory Gel is a fully recyclable material.

  • Safe & Harmless

    Safe & Harmless

    Memory Gel is not only resistant, durable and superbly elastic, but also non-toxic and safe to use.

  • Warmth

    Thermally Insulated

    Both comfortable and soft, these accessories preserve their temperature longer than other textiles.

  • Easily Cleanable

    Easy Maintenance

    Memory Gel can be cleaned with a simple soft cloth and soap solution. These accessories don’t require an adhesive to stick to walls and adhere perfectly to all stone and acrylic bathtubs.

  • Available in any color

    Available in Different Colors

    All products are available in most popular colors: translucent or matt (black, white, dove grey, light grey, dark grey, RAF blue). Light shines through translucent colors.

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